PVC map

IbizaMapa presents: office maps on pvc. Our pvc is weather- and water proof and can be used in- and outdoor. Your business logo can be printed on the map in the corner of the map.
We are licensed to print this map for you and tohether with the map you will receive a certificate.

Here’s how it looks on our office:


Find your price in the table below. Remember that we offer a 20% discount for advertisers who are on the paper map.

Map size Price Advertisers price Shipping to Ibiza
100 cm x 70 cm € 55.-  € 44.-  € 15.-
141 cm x 100 cm € 79.-  € 52.-  € 19.-
282 cm x 200 cm € 149.-  € 119.-  € 24.-
400 cm x 283 cm € 265.-  € 212.-  € 35.-
600 cm x 425 cm € 455.-  € 364.-  € 35.-

All the prices are without 21% B.T.W. (Dutch tax). Orders from outside of The Netherlands can be accepted without paying this tax, as long as you provide us a valid VAT number of your company. In that case we will send you an invoice with 0 tax.

Your map will be ready to ship 10 days after ordening. Payment in front using iDeal, Mr Cash, Creditcard or Paypal. In order to print your company’s logo on the map, we need your logo in vector EPS format.

If you are interested in having a custom printed map, please use the form below.

Order your private, certified and licensed Ibiza map




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