Ibiza map

Here’s the information you need to be on the Ibiza roadmap 2016.


There will be one edition printed in 2016 (10.000 copies)

Who is accepted

We accept any business, except car rental companies. And in some branches we only accept one company for each version. If you want to block a copetitor, let us know.

The cost

The cost to be on the map is:
– 95 euros for a single block
– 180 euros for a double block
Prices are without v.a.t., i.v.a., tax, b.t.w. You will receive an invoice from The Netherland. If your company is outside The Netherlands and an EU company, you can get an invoice without tax if you provide us an valid tax number.


Your company’s name will be mentioned for free as competitor on the following websites:
– www.ibizavandaag.nl
– www.ibiza2day.com
– www.ibizamapa.com

Size and format of the blocks

The blocks are all euqal in size: 60 x 60 mm. There is a sample at the bottom of this page. The format we use is vectorised. We need your ad in .eps format to get it clear printed.

Deadline and reservations

Reservations: 15/03/2016
Sending files: 30/03/2016
Release: first week of april


1) contact us to see if there is a space available for your company
2) make your reservation
3) send us your files
4) you receive an invoice
5) you pay within 7 days
6) we will confirm your reservation as final
7) one of our staff members will bring you copies of the printed map


In case you need help, our Dutch designer can make your ad for 50 euro in case you offer your logo in .eps format.
To send your files, please use contact@ibizamapa.com


Please find a sample of the map as it has been printed for the 2013/2014/2015 season below:


Frontside of the 2014 edition



Backside of the 2014 edition

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